Services and Rates


Chair Massage

Calms the nervous system, enhances creatative thinking with your everyday life, reduce tension, improves circulation.

$1.00 a minute with a minimum of 10 minutes


Munipulation of the soft tissue of the body for the purpose of establishing or maintaining good health, very relaxing.

60 min. $70

90 min. $85

Deep Tissue

A technique that works on deeper layers of muscle tissue, helps restore range of motion, uses slower and firmer strokes and pressure.

60 min. $90

90 min. $110

Hot Stone

Hot stones placed on the body on specific energy points to help relax the body and eliminate stress.

60 min. $100

90 min. $120

Physical Aromatic Touch

The PAT program is a simple, alternative way to tune into your body's communication-through the powerful senses of touch and smell.  This systematic method uses special essentials oils as stimuli to assess a person's responses in seven targeted areas.  The goal is to determine which essential oil will be the most beneficial to the individual's particular condition.  The body response to each individual oil will indicated which "system" needs additional attention with the application of oils.

This treatment targets and alleviate pain.

60 min. $95

pack of 6 $432

pack of 4 $320

pack of 2 $162

Massage and Facial packages Money to be paid up front

Visa and Master Card are accecpted

60 min.  Swedish

Pack of 6 $318

Pack of 4 $224

Pack of 2 $120

90 min. Swedish

Pack of 6 $384

Pack of 4 $272

Pack of 2 $144

60 min. Deep Tissue

Pack of 6 $408

pack of 4 $288

pack of 2 $154

90 min. Deep Tissue

Pack of 6 $498

Pack of 4 $352

Pack of 2 $188

Herbal Contour Body Wrap

Offers unique ingredients and formulations, that work to create a dramatic loss in inches.  Provides nourishing skin rejuvenation, restoration, and stimulation of muscle tone.  This provides total body cleaning and detoxification.

90 min. $100

Pack of 6 $450

Pack of 4 $320

Pack of 2 $162



Turn your complexion around.  Help regenerate deeper tissues to overcome dryness, sagging skin, increse health tissue, and erase tired fatighed skin.

60 min. $75

Pack of 6 $360

Pack of 4 $256

Pack of 2 $128

Argan Oil Enzyme peel

Rejuvenate your complexion with Argan oil enzyme peel treatments.  Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Remove dead skin cells,  Followed by a unique silky Serum infused with vitamins.

60 min. $90

Pack of 6 $516

Pack of 4 $288

Pack of 2 $154


This treatment will help normalize environmentally sensitive skin.  An advanced treatment to soothe and normalize skin and protect skin from further environmental assault.


Pack of 6 $360

Pack of 4 $256

Pack of 2 $136


"Jess" a "Lill" rub

1 hour Swedish massage and 1/2 hour mini facial, hand and foot treatment with hot towels.

You may choose your scrub and complementing lotion.

Caribbean Coconut

Citrus Orchard

Lavender Field

Summer Honeysuckle

Therapeutic Mint


Pack of 6 $720

Pack of 4 $512

Pack of 2 $272

For a hand/Foot treatment add $15 to service. Example 1 hr.Swedish $70 + $15 =$85


Eyebrows                                                                                                        $15

Chin                                                                                                               $15

Full Face                                                                                                         $35

Full Arms                                                                                                        $30

Half Arms                                                                                                       $20

Lip                                                                                                                 $15

Under Arms                                                                                                    $30

Bikini                                                                                                             $40

Full Legs                                                                                                        $80

Half Legs w/knees                                                                                          $40

Back                                                                                                             $75

Chest                                                                                                           $70



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